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Birthdate:Jul 5
Location:Victorville, California, United States of America
I am a Torchwood fan. Jack/Ianto is my OTP. I am a Supernatural fan. Dean/Cas is my OTP. I also love Doctor Who. These are my active fandoms at the moment.

I am bi, I'm a Cancer, and I believe in ghosts and aliens.

I'm a grammar freak. Please don't butcher my language. If you need help, let me know.

My LJ is private for all posts other than fan fic and other fandom related posts, although most of those will be locked as well. Only fandom photos, graphics, and fan fiction posts will be unlocked. You are welcome to friend me at any time. I will check out your profile and if I share your interests I'll likely friend you back. If I can't see why you're friending me I will not. You won't be able to send me a PM unless we're already friends. Feel free to leave a comment on my FRIENDS ONLY post if you want to be mutual friends.

All graphics are available for the taking, but comments are love and very much appreciated. Please do not post them elsewhere without credit.

All photos posted from conventions, etc., are also available for the taking. They are not watermarked, however, as I would prefer everyone be able to use them for graphics if they wish. And you may take them and make graphics with my blessing. I do expect, however, that any reposting of my photos include a credit to me, or a link to the post where you found them. If I find my photos posted anywhere without credit beneath them I will insist they be removed.

DO NOT STEAL! You can obtain one of your own at The Ianto Jones Society.

Below is a list of my graphics/vid pages:

My banners and signatures can be found here...

My icons can be found here...

My wallpapers can be found here...

My fan vids can be found here...
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